Find a new opportunity with ASDE Journal

asdej_titleDear colleagues! 

With immense pleasure we announce starting a new Automation, Software Development & Engineering Journal!

Automation, Software Development & Engineering Journal (by Magnolithe GmbH) (ISSN2412-xxxx, e-ISSN xxxx-xxxx) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal, focusing on wide range of subject areas including Adaptive Controls, Computational Intelligence and Applications, Network Intelligence and Network Control, Engineering etc.

Automation, Software Development & Engineering Journal is dedicated to knowledge-based products and services for the academic, scientific, professional, research and student communities worldwide. Open Access model of on-line publication promotes research by allowing unrestricted availability of high quality articles. All ASDEJ publications will be available on-line, free and full-text.

The publication frequency is 6 volumes per year.

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