• Track the paper

    Track the paper

    While the submitted papers are being reviewed, MMSE journal posts corresponding abstracts on separate webpage. In the Status field MMSEJ posts up-to-date information about paper status, which helps to track the paper.

    Please follow the link Abstracts to see all submitted papers.

    Call for papers MMSE Journal Vol.12 2017




  • About journal

    About journal

    Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering Journal is a publisher that deals in peer-reviewed, open access publishing, focusing on wide range of subject areas, including economics, business, social sciences, engineering etc.

    Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering Journal is dedicated to knowledge-based products and services for the academic, scientific, professional, research, and student communities worldwide. Open Access model of online publication promotes research by allowing unrestricted availability of high quality articles. All MMSE publications will be available online, free, and full-text.

    The impact factor (IF), evaluated after two published volumes of the MMSE Journal according to ResearchBible is 0.2 (2015).


  • Paper submission

    Online submission system is available! Each author can upload the manuscript in 1 minute. Please note, that the document must meet the paper requirements.

    File format *.doc, *.docx (MS Office) or *.odt (Open Office) is required.

    To upload manuscript please follow the link

    After the paper will be uploaded and processed the author will receive the confirmation e-mail with attached document, that has been submitted.

    Then, the manuscript will be automatically forwarded to several reviewers. Please note, that we use double-blind peer-review procedure. It means that reviewers do not know the authors identity. The average paper review duration is about 7 working days.

    As soon as we will receive the review report, we will send an informational  e-mail to one of the authors. Please check your e-mail account and Spam folder.