A Review on Air Preheater Elements Design and Testing

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Modi, Akash Kumar; Haque, Azharul; Pratap, Bhanu; Bansal, Ish Kumar; Kumar, Prasoon; Saravanan, S; and C. Kumar, Senthil Kumar Ramesh M

A Review on Air Preheater Elements Design and Testing Journal Article

Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, 13 (1), 2017, ISSN: 2412-5954.

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Authors: Akash Kumar Modi, Azharul Haque, Bhanu Pratap, Ish Kumar Bansal, Prasoon Kumar, S. Saravanan, M. Senthil Kumar, C. Ramesh Kumar

ABSTRACT. This review paper is based on theories and complications related to air-preheater & the heat transfer surfaces used in it. Numerous papers and sufficient amount of literature were gone through to understand how an air-preheater is designed and the performance parameters associated with the same. Air-preheaters (APH) are heat exchangers which are used to pre-heat the air before any other process takes place. APH finds its wide use in power plants, automobiles and all such areas where there is a need to pre-heat the air and save fuel. A thorough survey was also done on the heating elements or surfaces used in air-preheaters for the transfer of heat between cold and hot fluid. Various types of widely used profiles were identified first and a research was then conducted to find out how the experimental investigation of heat transfer plates can be done. Excerpts have also been provided regarding the design of experimental setup for the same and the dependence of various parameters on one another. The paper is concluded with an opinion on the use of plate profiles for air-preheater.

Keywords: air pre heater, Ljungstrom air-preheater, heating elements, Reynolds number

DOI 10.2412/mmse.86.90.615


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