Call for papers MMSE Journal Vol.13 2017

mmse-journal-vol-13Dear colleagues, while the last papers of Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering Journal (ISSN 2412-5954, e-ISSN 2414-6935) Vol. 12 are being published, please take a look at Vol. 13 announcement. The information pack of the journal will be prepared very soon.

Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering Journal (by Magnolithe GmbH(ISSN 2412-5954, e-ISSN 2414-6935) is a publisher that deals in peer-reviewed, open access publishing, focusing on wide range of subject areas, including physics, FEA, mathematics, civil infrastructure, engineering etc. 

Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering Journal is dedicated to knowledge-based products and services for the academic, scientific, professional, research and student communities worldwide. Open Access model of on-line publication promotes research by allowing unrestricted availability of high quality articles. All MMSEJ publications are available on-line, free and full-text.

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Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering Journal publishes research only after review. The review procedure describes in Reviewing process

Paper requirements and submission guide can be found here

Manuscript can be submitted right now clicking the link Online paper submission or by e-mail

The paper submission and review procedures are described at Paper requirementsReviewing process.

Deadline for paper submission is December 30, 2017.

Looking forward for the manuscripts!