Computer Aided Analysis and Prototype Testing of an Improved Biogas Reactor For Biomass System

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Jeremy (Zheng) Li (2015). Computer Aided Analysis and Prototype Testing of an Improved Biogas Reactor For Biomass System. Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, Vol 1, pp. 59-65,  doi:10.13140/RG.2.1.3781.4806

Author: Jeremy (Zheng) Li

ABSTRACT. The alternative fuel resources substituting for conventional fuels are required due to less availability of fuel resources than demand in the market. A large amount of crude oil and petroleum products are required to be imported in many countries over the world. Also the environmental pollution is another serious problem when use petroleum products. Biogas, with the composition of 54.5% CH4, 39.5% CO2, and 6% other elements (i.e., H2, N2, H2S, and O2), is a clear green fuel that can substitute the regular petroleum fuels to reduce the pollutant elements. Biogas can be produced by performing enriching, scrubbing, and bottling processes. The purification process can be further applied to take away the pollutants in biogas. The pure biogas process analyzed in this research is compressed to 2950 psi while being filled into gas cylinder. The daily produced biogas capacity is around 5480 ft3 and the processing efficacy is affected by surrounding environment and other factors. The design and development of this biogas system is assisted through mathematical analysis, 3D modeling, computational simulation, and prototype testing. Both computer aided analysis and prototype testing show close results which validate the feasibility of this biogas system in biomass applications.

Keywords: green resource, sustainable energy, biomass system, environmental protection, fuel efficacy, cost effective, biogas enrichment

DOI 10.13140/RG.2.1.3781.4806


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