CONTENT MMSE Journal Vol. 3 2016

Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, March 2017 ISSN 2412-5954
MMSE Journal Vol. 3 2016.

I. Materials Science. MMSE Journal Vol. 3 6
Characterization and Thermo – Elasto – Viscoplastic Modelling of Cunip Copper Alloy in Blanking Process 7
Technology of Modifying a Machine Element 14
II. Mechanical Engineering & Physics. MMSE Journal Vol. 3 19
Modeling of Heat Transfer and Self-Heating Phenomenon In Materials With High Dissipation 20
Rolling Contact Fatigue Life Evaluation Using Weibull Distribution 28
The Boltzmann Equation Of Phonon Thermal Transport Solved In the Relaxation Time Approximation – I – Theory 34
Elements of Calculus Quaternionic Matrices And Some Applications In Vector Algebra And Kinematics 46
The Boltzmann Equation Of Phonon Thermal Transport Solved In the Relaxation Time Approximation – II – Data Analysis 57
Automation of Analysis And Structural-Parametric Synthesis of Planetary Gearboxes With Two Degrees Of Freedom 67
Intellectual Drive With Electric Engines On a Stock Car 81
A Numerical-Analytical Approach to the Analysis of Non-Stationary Temperature Fields in Multiply-Connected Solids 90
Modeling Curvilinear Motion of Tracked Vehicle with the Dual-Flux Electromechanical Turning Mechanism 107
A Fast Algorithm to Solve  Nonlinear Hypersingular Integral Equations Arising in a Crack Problem 120
A Virtual Stage-Gate Approach to Developing Injection Moulds for Polymer-Based Drug-Delivery Systems 135
IV. Electrical Complexes and Systems. MMSE Journal Vol. 3 148
Secondary Power Resources of the Fuel and Energy Complex in Ukraine 149
VI. Power Supply Technologies. MMSE Journal Vol. 3 155
Monitoring of the thermal state of induction motors with low quality power supply 156
VII. Environmental Safety. MMSE Journal Vol. 3 163
Nasal Bone Fractures In Children And Adolescents. Patient Demographics, Etiology of The Fracture and Evaluation of Plain Film Radiography as a Diagnostic Method in Children’s Clinical University Hospital 164
New Basis Points of Geodetic Stations for Landslide Monitoring 171
VIII. Economics & Management. MMSE Journal Vol. 3 178
The Current State of Taxation and Regulation of Land Plot Size of Industrial Areas in Ukraine 179
IX. Philosophy of Research and Education. MMSE Journal Vol. 3 185
Physics and Optics in Dante’s Divine Comedy 186
A Matlab Toolbox For Grey Clustering  Probability  Model  Of  Postgraduate’s Innovative  Ability 193

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