CONTENT MMSE Journal Vol. 4 2016

Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, May 2016 ISSN 2412-5954
MMSE Journal Vol. 4 2016.


I. Materials Science MMSE Journal Vol. 4 6
Experimental Characterization of Innovative Viscoelastic Foams. Massimo Viscardi, Maurizio Arena 7
Optimization Of Tribological Properties Of Aluminium Honeycomb Reinforced Polymeric Composites Using Grey Based Fuzzy Algorithm. K.Panneerselvam, K.Lokesh, Chandresh D., T.N.S.Ramakrishna 15
Formation And Distribution of Brittle Structures in Friction Stir Welding of AA 6061 To Copper. Influence of Preheat. Seyed Vahid Safi, Hossein Amirabadi, Mohammad Kazem Besharati Givi 25
Isothermal Pneumo-Forming of Hemispherical Parts Made Out of Anisotropic Materials In Short-Term Creep Mode. S.N. Larin, V.I. Platonov, Nuzhdin G.A.  34
MHD Stagnation Point Flow in a Boundary Layer Of a Nano Fluid Over a Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Viscous Dissipation and Chemical Reaction. Ch. Achi Reddy, B. Shankar 45
Quality Characteristics of Cutting Surfaces in the Milling of the Titanium Alloy Ti10V2Fe3Al. Michael Storchak, Lucas Saxarra, Like Jiang, Yiping Xu, Xun Li 57
A Comparison between Dual Phase Steel and Interstitial Free Steel Due To the Springback Effect. E.A. Silva, L.F.V.M. Fernandes, N.A.S. Sampaio, R.B. Ribeiro, J.W.J. Silva, M.S. Pereira 71
II. Mechanical Engineering & Physics MMSE Journal Vol. 4 81
On Application of the Ground Effect For Highspeed Surface Vehicles. Kravets Viktor V., Kravets Vl.V. & Fedoriachenko S.A. 82
On the Comparison Between the Approximate And Precise Methods of Piled Raft Foundation Analysis. Abbasali Taghavi Ghalesari 88
Dynamic Stress and Strain Analysis for 8×4 Truck Frame. Nagwa Ahmed Abdel-halim 96
Identification of Standing Pressure Waves Sources in Primary Loops of NPP with WWER and PWR. K.N. Proskuriakov, A.I. Fedorov, M.V. Zaporozhets and G.Y. Volkov 109
Methods for Solving a Stress Behaviour of Welded Joints under Repeated Loads. Semrád K., Čerňan J. 128
Numerical Modelling of Basin Type Solar Stills. Nguyen The Bao 133
VII. Environmental Safety MMSE Journal Vol. 4 148
HAVS and HAV-nots: Investigating Resonance in the Human Arm Caused by Contact with Machinery. Irina Viktorova, Matthew Fleck and Muhammed Kose 149
Monitoring the Natural Factors Influence on Vegetation Development by Using Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (Modis) Images with OBIA Method in Uzbekistan. Sh. B. Akmalov, J. V. Gerts, D. B. Omonov 156
An Empirically Derived Arc Flash Discharge Energy Model and Comparison to Established Safety Codes. Irina Viktorova & Michael Bates 160
On Development of a New Filtering Half-Mask. S.I. Cheberyachko, D.I. Radchuk, Y.I. Cheberyachko, M.O. Ziborova 164
Fluid Injection Induced Seismicity in the Oil and Gas Field Areas: Monitoring and Modelling. A. Zabolotin, A.V. Konovalov, A.A. Stepnov, A.S. Sychov, D.E. Tomilev 170
The Effect of Microwave Radiation on the Properties of Canola Seeds. Roudane M., Hemis M. 179
VIII. Economics & Management MMSE Journal Vol. 4 187
Human Capital and Growth of E-postal Services: A cross-country Analysis in Developing Countries. Dalibor Gottwald,  Libor Svadlenka,  Hana Pavlisova 188
IX. Philosophy of Research and Education MMSE Journal Vol. 4 210
Systematic Analysis and Synthesis of Integral Estimations of Bachelors’ Training in the Field of Financial Monitoring. Alena Gaibatova, Grigory Krylov1, Ilya Seryy, Anastasiia Vorobeva, Konstantin Vorobev 211

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