CONTENT MMSE Journal Vol. 5 2016

Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, July 2016 ISSN 2412-5954
MMSE Journal Vol. 5 2016.


I. Materials Science MMSE Journal Vol. 5 6
Detection of Iron Oxide Layer in Quenched and Tempered Gear Steel Using Magnetic Barkhausen Noise.

M. ­­­­­­M. Blao, M. M. Sawalem



Development and Determination of the Age Hardening Characteristics of Al-2.00Mg-2.66Si Wrought Alloy.

Ihom A.P., Aniekan Offiong



Effect of Textures on Tensile Properties of Extruded Ti64/VGCF Composite by Powder Metallurgy Route.

Patchara Pripanapong, Shu-feng Li, Junko Umeda, Katsuyoshi Kondoh



II. Mechanical Engineering & Physics MMSE Journal Vol. 5 33
Strength Analysis of Flat Spring of the Resonant Vibro-Impact Module.

Volodymyr Gursky, Igor Kuzio



Modelling of Station of Pumping by Variable Speed.

Benretem A.



A Thermal Force Drifting Particles along a Temperature Gradient.

Amelia Carolina Sparavigna



Error Analysis of Method for Calculation of Non-Contact Impact on Space Debris from Ion Thruster.

Alpatov A.P., Fokov A.A., Khoroshylov S.V., Savchuk A.P.



Increased Wear Resistance of Surfaces of Rotation Bearings Methods Strengthening-Smoothing Processing.

A.A. Tkachuk, V.U. Zablotskyi, T.V.Terletskyi, O.L. Kaidyk, S.A. Moroz



Kinetostatics of Wheel Vehicle in the Category of Spiral-Screw Routes.

Kravets V.V., Bas K.M., Kravets T.V., Zubariev M.S., Tokar L.A.



An Instrumented Macro-Indentation Method for Determining the Mechanical Properties of Coconut Shell (Coco Nucifera of Cameroon).

E. Njeugna, M.B.K. Ganou, D. Ndapeu, J.N.T. Foba, N.R.T. Sikame, P.W.M. Huisken



Macroscopic Geometrical Modelling of Oil Palm Mesocarp Fibers of Three Varieties of Palm Nut.

E. Njeugna, P. W. M. Huisken, D. Ndapeu, N. R. T. Sikame, J. Y. Dréan



Comparison of Assemblies of Four-Link Structural Groups of 3rd Class on the Transmission Angle.

Matsyuk I.N., Morozova Т.I., Shlyakhov E.М.



The Mechanics of a Cantilever Beam with an Embedded Horizontal Crack Subjected to an End Transverse Force, Part A: Modelling.

Panos G. Charalambides,  Xiaomin Fang



The Mechanics of a Cantilever Beam with an Embedded Horizontal Crack Subjected to an End Transverse Force, Part B: Results and Discussion.

Panos G. Charalambides, Xiaomin Fang



Lagrangian Representations and Solutions of Modified Emden-Type Equations.

Aparna Saha, Benoy Talukdar



Improvement of Fourier Series Convergence on the Basis of Splines and Its Application for Numerical Inversion of Laplaсe Transform.

Tanya Solyar



On the Boltzmann Equation of Thermal Transport for Interacting Phonons and Electrons.

Amelia Carolina Sparavigna



Dynamical Analyses of Piston Machines Used in Oil Industry.

V.I. Bakhshaliev



VII. Environmental Safety MMSE Journal Vol. 5 223
Study of Ground Treatment on Improvement of Pile Foundation Response in Liquefiable Soils.

Chen Yulong



Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Relation With Vibration Disease and Exposure to Vibration Among Employees in Latvia.

Kristina Karganova, Jelena Reste



IX. Economics & Management MMSE Journal Vol. 5 246
ANFIS and Multi Linear Regression to Estimate the LTLF for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Mohamed Y. Al-Hamad, Isa S. Qamber



Taxation of Public Owned Land for Real Estate Reconstruction in Kiev, Ukraine.

М.А. Malashevskyy, I.M. Ciobanu



The Benchmark Survey Methods of the Lecturers and Chairs Work in the Higher Educational Establishments, with Using the Cumulative Ranking Index.

Protsiv I.V., Shevchenko O.V., Protsiv V.V.





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