CONTENT MMSE Journal Vol. 6 2016

Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, September 2016 ISSN 2412-5954
MMSE Journal Vol. 6 2016.

I. Materials Science MMSE Journal Vol. 6 6
Effect of Temperature and Strain Rate on Dynamic Re-Crystallization of 0.05C-1.52Cu-1.51Mn Steel.

Pawan Kumar, Peter Hodgson



Nanostructure Formation in Anodic Films Prepared on a β Alloy Ti39Nb PVD Layer.

Zdenek Tolde, Vladimír Starý, Petr Kozák



Diagnostics of Argon Injected Hydrogen Peroxide Added High Frequency Underwater Capillary Discharge.

Muhammad Waqar Ahmed, Sooseok Choi, Jong-Keun Yang, Rai Suresh, Heon Ju Lee



Optimizing the Parameters in Heat Treatment for Achieving High Hardness and Efficient Bending of Thin BS 2014 Aluminium Alloy Sheets.

Abirami Priyadarshini B.




The Effects of Ukam (Cochlospermum Planchonii) Plant Fiber Variation on the Properties of Polyester Matrix Fiber Reinforced Composite.

Ihom A.P., Dennis O. Onah



Effect of Alternating Bending and Texture on Anisotropic Damage and Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Sheets.

V.V. Usov, N.M. Shkatulyak, E.A. Dragomeretskaya, E.S. Savchuk, D.V. Bargan, G.V. Daskalytsa



II. Mechanical Engineering & Physics MMSE Journal Vol. 6 64
The Influence of Cutting Speed on Concordant and Discordant Tangential Milling of MDF.

Priscila Roel de Deus, Manoel Cleber de Sampaio Alves, Luciano Rossi Bilesky



Substantiating of Rational Law of Hydrostatic Drive Control Parameters While Accelerating of Wheeled Tractors with Hydrostatic and Mechanical Transmission.

Taran I.O., Kozhushko A.P




Modelling of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Part-Through Cracked Pipes Using Gamma Function.

Pawan Kumar, Vaneshwar Kumar Sahu, P.K.Ray, B.B.Verma



Fundamental Solutions for Micropolar Fluids with Two-Temperature.

M. Zakaria



Calibration of COD Gauge and Determination of Crack Profile for Prediction of Through the Thickness Fatigue Crack Growth in Pipes Using Exponential Function.

Pawan Kumar, Hemendra Patel, P.K.Ray, B.B. Verma




Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations using Leibnitz-Haar Wavelet Collocation Method.

C. Shiralashetti, R. A. Mundewadi



An Equivalent Beam Model for the Dynamic Analysis to a Feeding Crane of a Tall Chimney. Application in a Coal Power Plant.

Viorel-Mihai Nani, Ioan Cires



Determination of Bond Capacity in Reinforced Concrete Beam and Its Influence on the Flexural Strength.

Mohammad Rashidi, Hana Takhtfiroozeh



Prediction of Rubber Element Useful Life under the Long-Term Cyclic Loads.

Dyrda V.I., Loginova A.A., Shevchenko V.G.



Calculation of Strength and Stiffness of Sports Equipment for Games in a Radial Basketball.

V. P. Ovchinnikov, A. A. Nesmeyanov, A. N. Chuiko



Development of Force Monitoring Transducers Using Novel Micro-Electromechanical Sensor (MEMS).

Dimitar Chakarov, Vladimir Stavrov, Detelina Ignatova, Assen Shulev, Mihail Tsveov, Rumen Krastev, Ivo Vuchkov



Analytical Simulation of Dynamical Process in One-Dimension Task.

Kravets V.V., Kravets T.V., Fedoriachenko S.A., Loginova A.A.



VI. Environmental Safety MMSE Journal Vol. 6 177
The Impact of Vehicular Emissions on Air Quality in Uyo, Nigeria.

Aondona Paul Ihom, Ogbonnaya Ekwe Agwu, John Akpan John



Utilization of Point Clouds Characteristics in Interpretation and Evaluation Geophysical Resistivity Surveying of Unstable Running Block.

Marcel Brejcha, Petr Zbíral, Hana Staňková, Pavel Černota




Atmosphere Re-Entry Simulation Using Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) Method.

Francesco Pellicani



VII. Information Technologies Vol. 6 204
Comparison of Modeling and Simulation Results Management Microclimate of the Greenhouse by Fuzzy Logic Between a Wetland and Arid Region.

Didi Faouzi, N. Bibi-Triki, B. Draoui, A. Abène




IX. Economics & Management MMSE Journal Vol. 6 218
The Role of Education in Formation of Knowledge Economy.

Tetiana Chumachenko, Olena Hladun



Selection of the Reconstruction Options for Industrial Power Supply System under Uncertainty Conditions on the Basis of the Game Theory Criteria.

Alina Iuldasheva, Aleksei Malafeev




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