Efficient Transient Modes of Synchronous Drive for Mining and Smelting Mechanisms

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V.А. Borodai, R. О. Borovyk, О.Yu. Nesterova (2017). Efficient Transient Modes of Synchronous Drive for Mining and Smelting Mechanisms. Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, Vol 8. doi:10.2412/mmse.71.21.693

Authors: V.А. Borodai, R. О. Borovyk, О.Yu. Nesterova

ABSTRACT. Development of starting system for synchronous motors of high-power mechanisms in mining and smelting industry, which enables proper starting characteristics and reasonable compensation of impact loads by means of synchronous drive. Mathematical modelling was applied for the determination of parameters of field winding with direct and indirect split and capacitors, as well as for substantiation of function of purpose choice and limiting the factors of influence for solving the problem of determination of field system parameters and springy mechanic components of synchronous drive. As based on the definite motor evidence, it was proved that it is possible to operate synchronous motors with split field winding and capacitors, which enable obtaining proper starting characteristic for the mechanism requirements. The needed installations for starting system and values of spring linkages rigidity for reasonable impact loads damping were also determined. The methods used enable determining parameters of field winding with indirect split and active-reactive resistance, as well as calculating the reasonable level of voltage forcing, time for field voltage reducing and order of elastic clutch rigidity under the conditions of design load increase. The use of new field windings enables start of high-power mechanisms and thus, prevents equipment from unplanned idle operation. It also makes it possible to improve productivity of operating mechanism by means of motor load increase in the stable operating mode, as well as improves drive energy characteristics. The peculiarity of electric circuit design for winding with direct split enables use of traditional technological process of pole coils production and does not require new production equipment. The use of field system with innovative control procedure and elastic clutch with the proper rigidity significantly decreases amortization of field windings and prevents emergency states of synchronous drive caused by dynamic impact overloads.

Keywords: high-capacity mining and smelting mechanisms, impact load, synchronous electric drive, method for impact load compensation, parameters justification and optimization

DOI 10.2412/mmse.71.21.693

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