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copyscape-banner-white-130x46After submitting the manuscript using the Online submission form or sending to the author will receive the acknowledgement on the e-mail.

The author will receive the confirmation e-mail (please check the Spam folder of the assigned e-mail account) with attached document, that has been submitted.

Then, the manuscript will be automatically forwarded to several reviewers. Please note, that we use double-blind peer-review procedure. It means that reviewers do not know the authors identity. The average paper review duration is about 7 working days.

As soon as we will receive the review report, we will send an e-mail to one of the authors. Please check e-mail account and Spam folder.

Note. If you any problem with paper submission through the web form will occur, please send the paper by e-mail

During the review of the full manuscript the abstract will be published on the absolutely free of charge.

The reviewing process includes the following procedures:

  • General assessment of the manuscript
  • Plagiarism assessment. To improve the quailty of the published pepers MMSE Journal provides obligatory antiplagiarism review by Copyscape.
  • Double-blind peer-review. We send the paper to several reviwers (mostly two persons). Authors identity remains anonymous. The submitted manuscript will be reviewed by one of the editorial board member and reviewers. The result of review will be sent to the corresponding author and forwarded to other authors. The main evaluation criteria:

Overall evaluation on the paper: (max. 5 points)

Contribution to existing knowledge: (max. 5 points)

Organization and Readability: (max. 5 points)

Soundness of methodology: (max. 5 points)

Adequacy of literature review: (max. 5 points)
  • After the manuscript will be accepted, we will ask the author to pay the publication fee
  • After the publication charge will be paid, MMSEJ Editorial Board will receive the notification from the payment system. In one working the paper will be published in the MMSE Journal
The review form is available following the link Review Form or Google Form

Publication Notice

The full-text articles will be published on the MMSEJ web site in Open Access.

The authors and readers will be notified and invited to visit our website for the newly published articles.