II. Mechanical Engineering & Physics Vol. 11


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1. Title: On the Quantification of the Constraint Effect Along a Three-Dimensional Crack Front

DOI 10.2412/mmse

Authors: F. Labbe

Organization: Mechanical Engineering Department, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa MariaCasilla 110-V, Valparaíso


2. Title: Sensitivity Analysis of two Link Flexible Manipulator

DOI 10.2412/mmse.96.22.132

Authors: Hadi Asadi (a), Milad Pouya(b), Pooyan Vahidi Pashaki(c)

Organization: (a) School of Mechanical Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran;

(b) School of Mechanical Engineering, International Pardis, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran;

(c) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran

3. Title: Design and Simulation of Capacitive Type Comb-Drive Accelerometer to Detect Heart Beat Frequency

DOI 10.2412/mmse.20.62.334

Authors: P. Ashok Kumar(a), G.K.S. Prakash Raaju(a), K. Srinivasa Rao(b)

Organization: (a) Department of ECE, KL University, Green Fields, Andhra Pradesh, India;

(b) Professor and Head of Micro Electronic Research Group, Department of ECE, KL University, Green Fields, Andhra Pradesh, India

4. Title: Particular Issues Associated with Performing Meterage Through the Use of Magneto Therapy Devices

DOI 10.2412/mmse.91.41.874

Authors: Y.S. Lapchenko, V.Y. Denysiuk, V.V. Krasovski, V.P. Symonyuk

Organization: Lutsk National Technical University, Lutsk, Ukraine

5. Title: Numerical Simulation of the Shear Resistence Test Proposed by NBR 7190 (1997) for a Wood of Corymbia Citriodora

DOI 10.2412/mmse.73.10.710

Authors: Luciano Rossi Bilesky (a), Cláudio De Conti (b), Priscila Roel de Deus (a)

Organization: (a) Fatec, Capão Bonito, Brazil;

(b) Unesp, Rosana, Brazil

6. Title: The Influence of Biofuel on the Operational Characteristics of Small Experimental Jet Engine

DOI 10.2412/mmse.99.53.683

Authors: K. Ratkovska(a), M. Hocko(b), J. Cernan(c), M. Cuttova(c)

Organization: (a) Department of Power System Engineering, Pilsen, 306 14, Czech Republic;

(b) Department of Aviation Engineering, Kosice, 041 21, Slovakia;

(c) Department of Aviation Technical Studies, Kosice, 041 21, Slovakia 

7. Title: Static Analysis of Total Knee Joint Replacement

DOI 10.2412/mmse.16.23.38

Authors: Vinay Kumar. P(a,b), S. Nagakalyan(b)

Organization: (a) Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, TS, India;

(b) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kommuri Pratap Reddy Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, TS, India

8. Title: Applying Calculations of Quaternionic Matrices for Formation of the Tables of Directional Cosines

DOI 10.2412/mmse.78.59.591

Authors: Victor Kravets(a), Tamila Kravets(a), Olexiy Burov(b)

Organization: (a) National Mining University, Dnipro, Ukraine;

(b) Jack Baskin School of Engineering, University of California-Santa Cruz, CA, USA

9. Title: Seismic Behaviour of Eccentrically Braced Frame with Vertical Link

DOI 10.2412/mmse.25.78.451

Authors: Vahid Osat (a), Ehsan Darvishan(b), Morteza Ashoori(b)

Organization: (a) M. Sc., Department of Civil Engineering, College of engineering, Roudehen Branch,  Islamic Azad university, Roudehen, Iran;

(b) Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, College of engineering, Roudehen Branch,  Islamic Azad university, Roudehen, Iran;

(c) M. Sc., Department of Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran