Influence of the Composition

of (TlGaS2)1-ั…(TlInSe2)x Alloys on Their Physical Properties

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Mustafaeva S.N., Jafarova S.G., Kerimova E.M., Gasanov N.Z., Asadov S.M.ย (2016). Influence of the Composition of (TlGaS2)1-ั…(TlInSe2)x Alloys on Their Physical Properties. Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering,ย Vol.ย 7, pp. 33-38. doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.29609.600

Authors: Mustafaeva S.N., Jafarova S.G., Kerimova E.M., Gasanov N.Z., Asadov S.M.

ABSTRACT. The single crystals of (TlGaS2)1-ั…(TlInSe2)ั… (ั… = 0โ€“0,5) solid solutions have been grown up. The photoelectric, roentgendosimetric, dielectric and optical characteristics of the (TlGaS2)1-ั…(TlInSe2)ั… solid solutions with various compositions have been determined. The maximum and spectral range of photosensitivity were found to redshift as x increases from 0 to 0.5. Both the photo- and roentgensensitivity of the solid solutions are higher than those of pure TlGaS2. The nature of dielectric losses and the hopping mechanism of charge transport in the (TlGaS2)1-ั…(TlInSe2)ั… solid solutions were established from the experimental results on high-frequency dielectric measurements. The temperature dependences of exciton peak position for various compositions (x = 0-0.3) are investigated in 77-180 K temperature interval. It was established that with increasing x in (TlGaS2)1-ั…(TlInSe2)ั… solid solutions the width of their forbidden gap decreases.

Keywords: TlGaS2, TlInSe2, alloys physical properties, roentgensensitivity, photoresistors

DOIย 10.13140/RG.2.2.29609.600


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