7th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical SciencesDear colleagues! Let us invite you to join partners’  International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences.

The conference is to be held during August 27-31, 2018. The conference aims to promote the knowledge and the development of high-quality research in mathematical fields that have to do with the applications of other scientific fields and the modern technological trends that appear in them, these fields being those of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Economics, Sociology, Environmental sciences etc.

Conference topics are

Engineering systems, Environmental systems, Operation research, Applications in medicine, Biotechnology, Logistics and planning, Medicine

Applied Mathematics
Fractional calculus, Numerical methods, ODE’s and PDE’s, Financial mathematics, Fuzzy logic, Efficient solvers, Nonlinear problems, Bifurcations, Stability, Chaos and Fractals

Computational Chemistry
Techniques in Computational Chemistry, Molecular vibrations, Drug design, QM/MM approach to Computational Chemistry, Molecular dynamics

Evolutionary Computation
Evolutionary methods

Mathematical Modeling in Applications of Fundamental Physics
Weather forecast, Climate change, Earth science, Planetary science, Biophysics, Materials science, Prediction of natural phenomena, Interdisciplinary applications

Mathematical Modeling in Applied Physics
Semiconductor devices, Thin films, Superconductors, Organic molecules, Bioelectronics, Infrastructure design


To find more about event, please follow the link International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences.