7th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences

Dear Colleagues,

The Special Issue will mainly consist of selected papers presented at the   International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences.

Papers considered to fit the scope of the journal and of sufficient quality, after evaluation by the reviewers.

The main topics of this Special Issue are:

  • Mathematical Physics and PDE

Dynamical systems, including integrable systems; Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, including interacting particle systems; PDE including fluid dynamics, wave equation, Boltzmann equation and material science; General relativity, Stochastic models and probabilistic methods including random matrices and stochastic PDE; Solvability, regularity, stability and other qualitative properties of linear and non-linear equations and systems; Spectral theory, scattering, inverse problems; Variational methods and calculus of variations; Algebraic methods, including operator algebras, representation theory and algebraic aspects of quantum field theory; Quantum field theory including gauge theories and conformal field theory; Geometry and topology in physics including string theory and quantum gravity

  • Applied Mathematics
    Fractional calculus, Numerical methods, ODE’s and PDE’s, Financial mathematics, Fuzzy logic, Efficient solvers, Nonlinear problems, Bifurcations, Stability, Chaos and Fractals
  • Mathematical Modeling in Applied Physics
    Semiconductor devices, Thin films, Superconductors, Organic molecules, Bioelectronics, Infrastructure design
  • Mathematical Modeling in Fundamental Physics
    High-energy physics, Particle physics, Nuclear physics, Atomic physics, Molecular physics, Gravitation, Cosmology, Astrophysics, Plasma physics, Electrodynamics, Fluid dynamics, Condensed-matter physics, Chemical physics, Chaos, Statistical physics
  • Scientific Computation
    Algorithms for scientific computation, Parallel algorithms and parallel computing, Grid computations, Mathematical programming, Heuristics, metaheuristics or simulation, Complex physical and technical systems, Experimental data processing, Distributed scientific computing
  • Geometric integration in physical sciences and engineering

Prof. Dr. Hovik Matevossian


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