IX. Philosophy of Research and Education Vol.7


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1. Title: On Communicative Competences as a Satisfactory Solution for Masters in Engineering

DOI 10.2412/mmse.25.82.979

Authors: K.A. Ziborov, T.A. Pismenkova, S.A. Fedoriachenko, G.K. Vanzha

Organization: National Mining University, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

2. Title: The Use of Online Quizlet.com Resource Tools to Support Native English Speaking Students of Engineering and Medical Departments in Accelerated RFL Teaching and Learning

DOI 10.2412/mmse.05.805.901

Authors: Kh.E. Ismailova (a), K. Gleason (b), E.A. Provotorova (a), P.G. Matukhin (a)

Organization: (a) People’s Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia

(b) American Center, Moscow, Russia