Methods for Solving a Stress Behaviour of Welded Joints under Repeated Loads

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Semrád K., Čerňan J. (2016). Methods for Solving a Stress Behaviour of Welded Joints under Repeated LoadsMechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, Vol 4. doi:10.13140/RG.2.1.5113.9440

Authors: Semrád K., Čerňan J.

ABSTRACT. The article processes issue of strength of cyclically loaded welded joints with a focus on fillet welds. The data for used steels and basic information were obtained at U.S. Steel Research Laboratory and from articles by Lehigh University and the University of Illinois in USA. The practical application of the solution is presented for crane car body to crawler connection.

Keywords: finite element analysis (FEA), factor of Safety for fatigue stresses (FSF), factor of safety for static stresses (FS), the stress ratio (R), the experimental maximum stress at R=0 (S0), slope of experimental curve (m), allowable maximum stress (f), equivalent stress (feq), bending stress (fb), shear stress (fs), yield strength (fy)

DOI 10.13140/RG.2.1.5113.9440


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