Synthesis, Growth and Characterisation of New Organic Crystal: L-Histidinium 5 Sulfo Salicylate for Second Order Nonlinear Optical Applications

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R. Usha, N. Hema, V. Revathi, Ambika D. Shalini, D. Jayalakshmi (2017). Synthesis, Growth and Characterisation of New Organic Crystal: L-Histidinium 5 Sulfo Salicylate for Second Order Nonlinear Optical ApplicationsMechanics, Materials Science & Engineering,  Vol 9. doi:10.2412/mmse.92.96.883

Authors: R. Usha, N. Hema, V. Revathi, Ambika D. Shalini, D. Jayalakshmi

ABSTRACT. L -Histinium 5 Sulfo Salicylate , an organic NLO crystal was grown for the first time by slow evaporation solution technique. Single crystal X ray diffraction analysis reveals that H5S belongs to monoclinic crystal system with non-centro symmetricspace group P21. The determined parameters are a=9.5707(17)A0, b= 19.038(4)A0, c= 8.315(2)A 0,β= 90.711(14) and V= 1514.8(6)A3. FT-IR and FT Raman studies were carried out to identify the functional groups prevent in H5S. Optical absorption study showed a UV cut off wavelength of 304 nm. The mechanical properties of the grown crystal has been analyzed by Vicker micro hardness method. The second harmonic generation was confirmed for LH5SS.

Keywords: Monoclinic, FT-IR, UV and NLO.

DOI 10.2412/mmse.92.96.883


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