Funding Acknowledgements


As an open access publisher, MMSE Journal charges a publication fee to cover the publication costs, which covers but not limits to the following aspects: publication, inclusion in databases or library, DOI system, crosscheck fees, typesetting expenses and staff costs. 

Editorial board of the MMSE Journal, as non-profit project by Magnolithe GmbH, takes care about the scientific achievements of scientists worldwide and decided to cover the largest part of the publication charge. Therefore, the publication charge for papers, which have passed the peer-review is 30 EUR (The regular fee is 70 EUR). 

Payment can be provided using one of the following systems, which guarantee fast and secure transaction, and no bank fee:

1. 2CheckOut & Paypal


2CheckOut is convinient and fast payment system that works worldwide, securely and cost-effective. To pay the fee please press the button Pay the fee using 2CO. Using  2 CO no additional fees applied. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by

2. B2B Wire transfer (conventional payment through bank for organizations)

mmse_wirePer your request we send you invoice with bank account to pay the publication charge. Please note, that using this payment method additional bank SWIFT charge should be paid.

However, we still encourage authors to pay the charge using on-line payment system (2Checkout).

If you still wish to use wire transfer, please send us the following data to

  1. Name of payer
  2. Country
  3. City
  4. Postal code
  5. Contact phone number

NOTE! Additional SWIFT charge is applied. 

For authors, who wish to publish the paper in another publishing, but have raw text, MMSE proposes the proofreading service.

Order proof reading. The price is fixed. Ordinary proofreading service costs 50,2 EUR. The certificate, confirming that the paper has been check will be issued after the paper acceptance by the author. To order proof reading, please contact us

To pay the proofreading service charge you can just by this link Proof reading charge.