MODIFIC – New type of wheel lubricators for rail transport of quarries and mines and mining application

As told by prof. Protsiv Volodymyr from TU “Dnipro Polytechnic” (Ukraine) they have developed a new material to reduce friction and restore several exploitation parameters of frictional surface – MODIFIC (c).

The ideologist of the project is Ukrainian company MODIFIC llc., who has developed the material and provide full-circle certification test. 

As told prof. Protsiv in his essay, wheel wear is also due to the aggressive environment of the mine and quarry waters, the abrasive powder of the rocks, and not always the satisfactory condition of the track. The most effective in such cases is the lubrication of the ridges of the rail vehicle coming to the rail while it is moving along the curved section of the track. For all types of railway vehicles, a wheel-lubricator wheel, wheel pairs of which are mounted on carts attached to the frame of the vehicle with the possibility of rotation relative to the vertical axis contains a solid comb-lubricant mounted on a lever, which is pivotally mounted on the frame of the cart, and / or the weight of the lever press the specified comb grease to the rim of the wheel, as shown in below.

The solid lubricant filler of such a comb greaser can significantly reduce the wear of the wheel combs, as can be seen from the results of comparative tests on the machine of friction of SMC-2 of regular oils brand Relsol-M and Relsol-GS (manufactured by LLC “NPO Agrinol” with new grades of materials with new materials ZMGZ NT30-63 and ZMGZ NT30-63 (manufactured by MODIFIK LLC). The weight loss of steel 45 specimens indicates the possibility of increasing the wear resistance of the running wheel combs in the curved sections of the rail track when using lubricants with a solid lubricant filler from 170% to 340% .

Alternatively, the lever lubricant may be operated as a lever mechanism, when the free end of the lever 1 is connected to the lever mechanism via the compression spring 11 of the vehicle frame 9 by means of a rocker arm 12.

As states MODIFIC llc. director Matsuk Z., use of lubricants with a solid lubricant filler increases the wear resistance of the ridges of the running wheels in the curved sections of the track from 170% up to 340%.