Strain Uniformity of Al-Glass Composites

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Abodunrin, O W


Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, 19 , 2019, ISBN: 2412-5954.

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Authors: O.W. Abodunrin

ABSTRACT. The impact of pressure and the effect of particle size on the mechanical property of Aluminium-Glass composites are reported in this study. The samples area, thickness range and particle size are respectively 34.0 x 35.0 mm2, 20.8 – 22.10 mm and 26.5 nm. The constituents of the same particle size were made into solids by applying constant pressure of 300 bars. Results obtained from observation showed that composition of Aluminium in Glass, compaction pressure and particle size greatly affected the strain-time relationship of the compacted materials. It was revealed that samples were found with strain stability between 10-40 and 80-100 % wt of Al in composites

Keywords: pressure, particle size, ductility, time, strain / stress stability, fracture / rupture, fracture toughness, yield point and structural stability.

DOI 10.2412/10.2412/mmse.29.306.074


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