Structural, Spectroscopic, Thermal and SHG Efficiency Studies of L-Phenylalanine Doped KDP Crystals

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Khunti, D D; Joshi, J H; Jethava, H O; Joshi, M J; Parikh, K D

Structural, Spectroscopic, Thermal and SHG Efficiency Studies of L-Phenylalanine Doped KDP Crystals Journal Article

Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, 13 (1), 2017, ISSN: 2412-5954.

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Authors: D.D. Khunti, J.H. Joshi, H.O. Jethava, M.J. Joshi, K.D. Parikh

ABSTRACT. Crystal growth is an important branch of solid state physics and material science. The Growth of Nonlinear Optical (NLO) materials crystals receives much importance nowadays because NLO materials have various applications in modern technologies like Laser technology, optoelectronics, and fiber optics, etc. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) is a well known nonlinear optical (NLO) material with different applications. Since most of the amino acids exhibit NLO property, it is of interest to dope them in KDP. In the present study, amino acid L-Phenylalanine doped KDP crystals have been grown by slow evaporation solution growth technique. In present study powder XRD analysis was carried out which show that pure and L-Phenylalanine doped KDP crystals have tetragonal symmetry. The doping of L-Phenylalanine was confirmed by FT–IR and paper chromatography. Thermal analysis has been performed on the grown crystals.The SHG efficiency of L-Phenylalanine doped KDP crystals was found to be increasing with a doping concentration of L-Phenylalanine.

Keywords: NLO, XRD, TGA, SHG efficiency, Kurtz-Perry

DOI 10.2412/mmse.4.93.354


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