Various Comparison of Additional Conditions of Different Designed Thermal Solar Technology Systems with the Same Collector Field

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Kenan Karacavuş (2016). Various Comparison of Additional Conditions of Different Designed Thermal Solar Technology Systems with the Same Collector Field. Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, Vol 7, pp. 201-208, doi:10.2412/mmse.13.44.508

Authors: Kenan Karacavuş

ABSTRACT. It is important to research, develop and disseminate new and renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels such as fossil fuels because of the energy demands of today.The need for new and renewable energy sources and the efforts to efficiently use these resources have also been accelerated.In this study which was made for the same purpose, in the study with the solar energy, in the Edirne related climate conditions for water heating, one is a closed system with fixed angle and natural circulation, the other is the closed system consisting of closed system with photo-controlled unit. Two experimental setups were designed. In these experimental setups, instantaneous, daily and average efficiency values for both systems were determined by using two standard flat-plate collectors of the same type, copper pipe, copper wing, flat plate and single glazed with equal collector area, during September, moving and follow-up system (following the sun with Photo-controlled Unit).

Keywords: solar energy, water heating, natural circulation system, pumped circulation system, flat plate solar collector, efficiency value, moving and follow-up system, photo-controlled unit

DOI 10.2412/mmse.13.44.508


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